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Bringing clean drinking water to the villages

Access to clean water without walking miles


Hunki lives with her husband and seven children in a remote village in Kotra, one of the poorest and least developed areas in India. Their house is 1.5 km away from the nearest water source, an old dilapidated well contaminated with bacteria and faeces. Hunki would have to travel the 1.5 km at least twice a day, across bone dry, undulating, rocky ground, to collect enough water for the household. During summer, the well was often dry, so she would have to walk even further to find water. Hunki was only able to travel through the heat of the day, as travelling during the night to collect water was too dangerous.

The school in her village also had difficulty accessing drinking water, and people from the community would often fall sick from water-borne diseases.

Now this has changed.

Seva Mandir, with help from a donor, has constructed a water tank in Hunki’s village, so she now has easy access to clean drinking water only 100 m from her home. Hunki is extremely happy that she does not have to travel 6-9 km a day to get dirty, contaminated water. The water tank has been constructed near the local school, so now the students too have easy access to clean drinking water.

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