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Seva Mandir works with 1,300 villages, touching the lives of 500,000 people.  Here are just some of the ways it has made a difference:

Young people

  • Seva Mandir runs Youth Resource Centres attracting 50-70 young people daily, and catering to over 3,000 young people per year (45% of them girls)
  • YRCs offer skills training, access to internships, and training in sexual and reproductive health and gender equality


  • Seva Mandir has empowered hundreds of women to become community leaders and decision-makers, thus changing traditional gender-normative roles which have dictated women’s place in society
  • Helped rural women form over 700 Self-Help Groups, reaching more than 10,000 women, giving them access to safe, affordable credit and loan schemes, as well as a forum to discuss and take action on issues affecting them
  • Helped women become earning members of their families, increasing their ability to engage in income-generating activities, and giving them some level of financial independence


  • Seva Mandir runs around 150 small village primary schools (bridge schools) in villages where there is no functioning government school; it has provided a quality education to around 40,000 children since the programme began
  • It runs three residential leaning camps a year for out-of-school children, giving them an accelerated grounding in basic maths and Hindi
  • Almost half of Seva Mandir’s pupils are girls, hugely encouraging in an area where female literacy is low and traditionally girls have received no education
  • Seva Mandir is transforming the demand for quality education among families from the most disadvantaged backgrounds, and empowering young people to achieve their best

Early Childcare and development

  • Seva Mandir runs over 160 day-care centres looking after more than 4,000 children aged 1-5 every year, offering them preschool education and social skills, monitoring them for malnutrition and providing nourishing food every day
  • This programme allows 25,000 mothers to work without worrying about the safety and wellbeing of their children
  • It is also helping strengthen over 1,300 government-run childcare centres, thus improving the lives of 60,000 children and their families


  • In a newly integrated approach to malnutrition, 100 child health workers have provided care 8,000 children under 5 in their homes
  • Nearly 80,000 women have received advice and support on maternal and child health from Seva Mandir’s trained health workers
  • 9,600 families have been helped to plant kitchen gardens so that they have fresh fruit and vegetables readily available to eat
  • Community malnutrition camps monitor hundreds of at-risk children and deliver care for those suffering from malnutrition

WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)

  • 7,000 families given access to clean and safe drinking water and 1,800 families given access to functioning toilets
  • Over 90% of families now have access to safe water for consumption
  • Water-borne disease reduced by 30-60%
  • Women spend 20-50 fewer minutes a day collecting water (70% decrease)

Natural resources

  • Developed and afforested 16,350 hectares of land, benefiting 63,000 families
  • Planted 120 million trees
  • 224% increase in cropping intensity for 13,400 farmers
  • 4 months’ increase in food grain availability for households; 22,000 families now have enhanced food and water security

Citizenship and empowerment

  • Over 67,500 men and women now belong to community institutions set up with Seva Mandir’s help
  • 32 federations of community groups have been set up to allow discussions at higher level and ensure a more powerful voice for local people

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