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A Well in Kotra: One Farmer Helping the Whole Community

Farmers can now farm more than six times as much land since the water can be pumped to the higher areas


Narayn from Rajpur village in Kotra block had a well in his field, which he let the other farmers use to irrigate their adjoining fields. They paid him for the fuel used to pump the water to the surface and a third of their revenue at harvest time. He was proud that his well could be used to help the rural community. But the area was undulating and the farmers could only irrigate the land that the water could reach through gravity. This meant that for most of the year 85% of their land could not be cultivated.

With Seva Mandir’s help, the well was made deeper and a lift pump was installed, with both electric and diesel machines so it could operate even during the numerous power cuts. The farmers now no longer pay fuel costs but give Narayan a quarter of their total production, out of which he pays for diesel and electricity, contributes 50% of the remainder to the village fund and uses the rest for maintenance of the well and the machinery. So now, thanks to the lift well, they can farm all of their land (more that six times as much as before) as the water can be pumped up to the higher areas.

‘I am very proud that by allowing my neighbours to use the lift mechanism in my well, I have helped he whole community to be much more prosperous. Seva Mandir has helped us all to live better.’