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Seva Mandir 50th Anniversary – Newsletter

The next six months are very special ones indeed, being 50 years since the founding of Seva Mandir.

The Friends of Seva Mandir pays tribute to the extraordinary work of the Seva Mandir team, made possible by the support of its donors, to do good for hundreds of thousands of needy people.

Seva Mandir will mark their 50th anniversary through an Apno Mela where staff, village workers, and leaders across 1000 villages will come together to look back at their achievements through music, dance, conversations and debate. As importantly, they will join together to imagine what should be done over the next 50 years.

Seva Mandir will also be publishing a book of essays from those closely associated with their work and the Chairman of the UK Friends has submitted this unique perspective.

Many happy returns to Seva Mandir on this, their golden anniversary.