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Silver Fodder by Fizzy Ardalan – 2013








Help Seva Mandir by purchasing your copy of this wonderful book.  All proceeds are received by The Friends of Seva Mandir and remitted directly to Seva Mandir in India

Silver Fodder is a warm and inspiring account of what it means to be a leader on the road to progress which at times threatens so much on its path.


This book illustrates the meaning of leadership through the perspective and philosophy of Seva Mandir, working to empower rural communities in the northern province of Rajasthan.  Leadership here is explained as an expression of concern and compassion for fellow travellers along a road that is all too often difficult to traverse but is frequently full of amazing, if unexpected, twists and turns. Leadership, as seen through the eyes of this young volunteer, who worked in Seva Mandir for 18 months, is about never giving up…neither on yourself nor on the system and certainly never on those who depend on you.