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Seva Mandir supported 70,000 households in 2010-11, touching the lives of 360,000 people.  Here are just some of the ways it made a difference:


  • Helped communities run nearly 200 rural child-care centres for over 4,000 young children, reducing severe malnutrition by over 70%
  • Trained over 300 birth attendants, assisting in about 5,000 safe deliveries in remote areas
  • Ran health centres treating nearly 5,000 patients
  • Almost doubled the child immunization rates in over 100 villages
  • Ran an advice centre on preventing HIV/AIDS


  • Provided quality education to more than 6,000 out of school children through 200 rural community schools and residential learning camps
  • Its 200 rural child-care centres improved school enrolment rates and helped over 3,000 caregivers attend education, livelihood and other activities

Natural resources

  • Supported communities to protect and manage over 4,500 hectares of common land as pasture and forest
  • Helped communities to build 125 ponds, water harvesting and irrigation systems

Citizenship and empowerment

  • Helped about 600 villages build community institutions and manage common funds for communal projects
  • Supported over 500 women’s groups helping more than 14,000 women to take control of their own lives, and to raise and address issues affecting their lives

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