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Why Seva Mandir?

Why Seva Mandir?

Because it helps people who are among the world’s most deprived:  Click here for more details on the need.

And because the help it offers is very effective.  All who know Seva Mandir recognize how impressive it is (check out here what outsiders say). But it does not blow its own trumpet, so we will have to do that for it.

Its work generates real and sustainable improvements for some of the poorest people in the world.

It is highly cost-effective.

It is constantly learning, outstandingly accountable, and influential both locally and globally.

Real and sustainable improvements

It generates tangible improvements in health, education, livelihoods and natural resources.

It does so by encouraging participatory democracy. This empowerment turns projects into sustained investments, because

  • improvements last when the community takes real ownership, and
  • the enhanced social capital of fairer communities and active citizenship goes on to create benefits in every aspect of villagers’ lives.


Money given to Seva Mandir is well-spent. It does not go through the state, governments, officialdom or the powerful, but directly supports the poorest people. Seva Mandir is a modestly-paid organization.  A poor family in rural Rajasthan can eat for a year for the money a family spends in a London pizza restaurant in one evening.

Learning, accountability and impact

Seva Mandir is self-critical, innovative, realistic, patient and determined.  It is a radically transparent and accountable organization, renowned for the quality of its self-evaluation.  As a result it is constantly learning.

Because it knows its communities very well, it can design really effective programmes for them, maximizing its local impact.

It inspires governments, NGOs and academics across the world to engage with its work, focusing global expertise on effective local action.